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No seriously, they aint renders

And yes, it does work. Amazing what a little color correction and masking will do for gadget porn.


Mmm, final photography.

These are NOT renders :). Click for full size.

Mmm, first finished pictures

Gotta get a better camera, and still missing a laser cut back logo, but she’s lookin pretty good:

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The Final Countdown

After hours of staring at renders and wireframes and dimensions, and standoffs and calipers and measurements and measurements, seeing this for the first time was a pretty damn good feeling:

Awwwww yeah

Coming soon……

Mmm, final pre-machining renders

The design went off to the CNC machine shop this weekend, formalized in line drawing diagram-ey goodness.

With some nice tasty final renders to give an idea of the finished object:

Small Touches

Detail of back panel Lenovo logo with cutout “O” to allow ventilation:


Fine, so everybody hates red. Reworked front panel with accent line/touch sensor and product logo: